1 Day Spring Break Day Camp 2020

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1 Day Spring Break Day Camp March 9th through March 12th.  Over 15 years Southside has hosted small group instruction Summer, Winter, and Fall. 6:1 camper:instructor ratio, lunch included, camp meets 10 am-2 pm before the park opens to the public.

At first, we Be the Change in small group format at the Southside Skatepark Day Camps. What’s so amazing is how they go on to Be the Change once they continue on in skateboarding. After attending our skateboarding Day Camps they develop an understanding of our skateboarding community. Often times feeling more a part of it than before they attended. That sense of being a part of something is the change in them that we witness. They go on to enjoy skateboarding and grow even deeper roots in our local and regional scene. As they get older they feel compelled to do for others what was done for them and the cycle of Be the Change continues. This process is perpetual and never-ending which makes this program so unique, it literally never stops.

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